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Solid Sleep

Yesterday was a day of firsts for Jonathan. The first first () is that Jonathan slept through the night! In fact, it’s the first time he’s slept more than 3 1/2 hours for several months. We began nursing at 6:15, he was asleep by 7:00, and in his crib (which is currently in our bedroom) by 7:20. He woke up sometime after midnight, and Benjamin was able to get him back to sleep pretty quickly. I slept through that, although apparently I elbowed Benjamin and told him to get Jonathan. Ah, the joys of long-term sleep debt! Then Jonathan nursed at 3 am, and slept until 6 am!

After the past month it was like a miracle, especially to be able to wake up feeling like I actually slept. We are praying that he’ll do it again tonight. And he has napped much better today, without fighting before going to sleep. His first 2 naps were short like usual, but right now he is 2 hours into a nap!

Of course, he got pretty tired out playing with his girlfriends at the New Mommy Group today.

The second first was Jonathan’s first time eating solid food! His Daddy got to give him his first taste of sweet potato. He seemed to like it, although he definitely preferred playing with it to eating it! He was covered in sweet potato by the end (and quite pleased with himself!) I think we may need to move bath time to after lunch! He had some again today, and made some funny faces, but still had fun playing with it!

(That blue blur is him flinging the bowl to the ground.)

Because of his allergies, we will only be introducing new foods once a week. Next week we will add turkey, followed by pears. (We will be adding the foods that he does all right with in my diet.)

It’s absolutely amazing how quickly he is growing up! Thankfully, his health and mood are continuing to improve steadily. It seems like we turned a corner on Saturday. He has actually been happy, smiling, and playful lately! Praise God!

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  1. Eat…..Sleep….Party……It’s GOOD to be da baby!!!

  2. Yeah! He’s living the good life.

  3. Amanda Manning said:

    Praise God!! I am so happy to hear of the improvements and that mommy got to sleep too! I CAN NOT wait to see him TOMORROW!!