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6 Months!

My little boy is 6 months old today! What an amazing journey it has been, full of ups and downs, as life so often is!

In the past month, it seems like most of the problems Jonathan has had with my diet have cleared up. We determined that rice was causing some of his problems, so when I went back off of it again he cleared right up!

It is amazing what a different child he is now that he doesn’t feel sick all the time, and he is getting rest (I’ll talk about that in a later post.) It is also amazing how many milestones he has plowed through in the past several weeks. It’s almost like he was developmentally on hold while he wasn’t well, and is making up for lost time!

See what I mean:

August 17: Sitting up unsupported.

August 19: First time slept through the night (5 hours, anyway. He now usually sleeps 7-8 hours before waking up to nurse and going back to sleep)

August 19: First time trying solid foods (He’s finally starting to like them! Well, not banana. But he’s a huge fan of pears, and warming up to sweet potatoes.)

August 25: Beginning to crawl (commando style- he was naked at the time, too. hee hee!)

September 3: Crawling on all fours, in reverse

September 3: Went from tummy to sitting up all by himself. (Now he does it in the crib when he is supposed to be sleeping.)

September 7: Crawled forward on all fours for the first time.

September 9: Pulled himself up to standing position (using Mommy as his support)

September 10 (Today): Fell asleep for his morning nap in his crib for the first time- all by himself!

Sorry no pictures this time! He’s waking up from his nap.

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  1. Amanda Manning said:

    this makes me soo happy!! I am so glad to hear this!!!!!!!! 🙂