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Big Milestones

A lot of milestones are just whizzing by for Jonathan. A week and a half ago he crawled on all fours for the first time. Now he is zooming all over the house. Thankfully he definitely prefers keeping me in sight and follows me everywhere (and I do mean everywhere!) In some ways it is very freeing, because I can work in the kitchen and he’ll play nearby on the floor without fussing. But sometimes he’ll be a little too quiet in another room, and I’ll check on him to find him stuck somewhere, or trying to get into something he shouldn’t!

And of course, being Jonathan, he isn’t content to just hang out in the crawling stage. So now he is standing up all by himself, which is exciting, but also very annoying. Now instead of napping he is standing up and crying. Our pediatrician said the earliest she has ever had a baby walk is 8 months, and he is on track to break that record!

He is also starting to teethe in earnest. Not so much fun. And it is setting us back a bit in the sleep area. About a month ago we made the very difficult decision to let Jonathan cry it out to go to sleep. We made this decision after it took me 3 hours to put him to sleep the “no-cry” way (and then he woke up every 2 hours and had to be put back to sleep.) There have been times where it has been absolutely heart-breaking, but overall he is doing much better. The past few nights he hasn’t cried at all when I put him in his crib. And now he is sleeping 9 hours straight most nights before waking up around 4:30 am to nurse. So that is way better than waking up 6+ times a night! Now we are trying to establish naps ( before I had to hold and rock or nurse him for his entire nap if I wanted him to sleep!). Somedays it works pretty well and he only fusses a little before going to sleep; other days (like today) it doesn’t go so well. (Mostly because he is standing up and crying- I’m pretty sure he can’t fall asleep that way!) Ah well, we have come a long way- I have to remember to be thankful for the progress he has made!

Fighting to stay awake in the swing. The Mommy Group came over today. It’s amazing how much the babies have all grown! The first time we met they all lay on their blankets or slept. Now we have to keep them from hurting each other when they play, and we are already seeing the no sharing issue. Jonathan was funny today because he crawled on all the mommies and gave hugs (and tried to access the le-les.) He is such a people person!

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Comments on: "Big Milestones" (3)

  1. Amanda Manning said:

    AW:) I love reading your updates. He is grown so fast! He is just so precious. He might be walking next time i see him;)

  2. Nikki Adams said:

    Sounds like he’s keeping you pretty busy!!! I think full on crawling on all fours and standing go hand in hand. Both of my girls pulled themselves up to a standing position at the exact same time they started crawling. (Emma, 7 months and Eliza, 6 months). You might be surprised at how long they will cruise. Emma cruised until a year when she finally got the courage to let go and walk, even though she was definitely capable much much sooner (I definitely thought she would be an early walker) Eliza had her sister to watch, so I think that motivated her to let go sooner, at 9 months. Now she EVERYWHERE and into EVERYTHING!!! Be careful what you wish for!!! 😉

  3. Aunti Ruth said:

    I can imagine that its heart breaking hearing your child cry and cry and cry! Glad he is sleeping better.