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Heart of my Home

There is no doubt to me that the heart of my home is the kitchen. I love to bake, cook, and enjoy being in the calm (OK- I wish), clean and organized (most of the time) center of my home. Because of this, I dream of making my kitchen more beautiful and functional. I have this idea of knocking down the half wall that divides the kitchen from our reading room (what everyone else would call a living room), and adding more pantry space and a small desk area to the kitchen. I think my wonderful husband agrees with me- now to figure out how to pay for it! Any changes have to be paid for in cash, because we don’t use credit anymore (thank you Dave Ramsey!) so I may have to be a little creative to make anything happen. Maybe we could do it in stages?Unfortunately, Benjamin isn’t a DIY kind of guy (it rhymes!) so I’d have to factor that in as well.

I learned about a contest being held my KraftMaid: the Define Your Style $50,000 Dream Kitchen Contest. I couldn’t even imagine spending $5,000, let alone $50,000 (my frugal nature balks at the very thought), but it is fun to dream a little! To enter, you make an inspiration board using their products and your own images. Here is my entry:

Have fun dreaming about your own kitchen makeover!

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