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So these days Jonathan is doing pretty well with night time sleep. He usually sleeps about 8 hours before needing to nurse, and the few times he wakes during the night he’s pretty easy to resettle. We’ve been trying to push his bedtime back to closer to 8, in anticipation of the upcoming time change. (I am not cool with him going down at 6 and being up at 5!)

Naptime is a whole other story! I tried letting him cry for naps, but gave up a few weeks ago. I couldn’t stand it, and if he did manage to fall asleep, it was usually for less time than he cried! On the plus side, my house was really clean and organized, because I couldn’t just sit or lay down and listen to him cry. (It’s not as clean anymore!)

So now we are back to holding him for naps, which is also driving me batty! And now I don’t get anything done at all (or get to eat lunch or take naps or…) Jonathan is totally happy with the situation, but I can’t keep it up. (Nap length has been limited by my bladder capacity lately.) I’m afraid to even try transferring him to his crib because I need him to get sleep. It’s not so much fun to sit and rock a sleeping baby for 3-4 hours a day! (This doesn’t include bed time or the 5 am feeding!)

It’s amazing, but he can be dead asleep, but the second he hits the crib he’s wide awake and crying, at which point it’s impossible to get him back to sleep. I’ve tried everything I can think of… the swing, sling, stroller, car seat, walking. If he does fall asleep, it only lasts for 30 minutes, which is just enough to make him feel awake while still leaving him cranky!

Here he is, sleeping in his favorite place!

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