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Friday Fails: 2 Kitchen Kerfuffles and a Diaper Disaster


Welcome to my Friday Fails! I’m linking up to one of my favorite blogs: MyBlessedLife (This is my first time linking up to a blog carnival like this! Apparently I don’t know how to add the cute little button. I’ll ask my live-in tech support tonight.)

So I had this post all planned out- it was just going to be 2 Kitchen Kerfuffles (a Marilla Cuthbert-ism for all of you Anne of Green Gables kindred spirits!). Then we had the Diaper Disaster of 20 minutes ago.

So on to the Kitchen Kerfuffles!

Last Wednesday I started a new cello private student, and since I knew it would be really rushed to get dinner on the table before life group that evening I planned ahead! I thawed out a turkey breast, seasoned it, and put it in my covered baker. I preheated my oven, cleaned the potatoes, and taught my lesson. The critical step I missed- putting the turkey IN the oven! Imagine my disappointment when after my lesson and nursing Jonathan that I came out to the kitchen to finish up dinner to see the baker sitting on top of the stove. (I thawed out some catfish fillets real quick and we had Cajun blackened fish and fried potatoes instead. We had our yummy turkey the next night.) Once I stopped beating myself up about it, I laughed and chalked it up to “Mommy-brain” and gave myself permission to not be perfect.

This Wednesday we had a really annoying guy from Crums come to give us an estimate on replacing our AC. (2 hours later he tried to pressure my husband into signing an agreement saying we had 14 days to cancel. This guaranteed that my husband would never do business with them even if it cost us more money.) So, about an hour into his visit, I put an acorn squash in the toaster oven to bake so I could make baby food out of it. After he finally left, I went in to nurse Jonathan and give him his afternoon nap . I came out of Jonathan’s room, and it smelled kind of like pumpkin pie, with a slight burnt note. I went to the toaster oven to find this:

I’m still working on getting the pan clean.

On to the Diaper Disaster!

Jonathan almost always escapes at least once while having his diaper changed, gleefully roaming about his room in his birthday suit. He had pooped once this morning, and then again while I was feeding him his lunch, so I waited a few minutes (I learned this trick by the time he was a month old) and went to change him. He, of course, escaped. Then I hear this sound and think “please, let him just be passing gas.” And I thought I got off lucky, until I saw poop running down his leg and pooling under him. Into the sink he went to get rinsed off, and I tried getting it out of his rug with some baby wipes. I’ll have to take it outside to clean it tomorrow. Never a dull moment with this little boy!

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  1. Kerfuffles, what a fun word! Your poor pan, hope you can get it clean. My daughter wriggles out of diaper changes all the time too, we’ve had our share of disasters (I might link one up today if I have time to write).

  2. “give him his afternoon nap . I came out of Jonathan’s room…”

    Does this mean the little guy has learned to nap on his own?

  3. I wish he would nap on his own! Nope… still holding him. But we are really going to start working on it, because I’m going to lose my marbles soon!

  4. I didnt know you had a blog… I’ll check it out…

  5. Granma Beth said:

    a Marilla Cuthbert-ism for all of you Anne of Green Gables kindred spirits!)

    I’ve just finished re-watching the dvd’s for the….oh, I don’t know…the 1047-th time.

    And I seem to recall one little girl totally enjoying fertilizing Grandpa’s carpets and then cheerfully crawling away – letting one poor mommie to deal with the poo…so I wouldn’t say too much about Jonathan…de apple don’ fall far from de tree!