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Sleeping Like a Baby

Right around the 8 month mark, it seemed like Jonathan finally figured out this whole sleeping thing. A few months ago it took me hours to get him to sleep at night. A month ago, it was about 45 minutes, and usually involved outright crying.

Now Jonathan nurses for 10-15 minutes, before laying his head on my shoulder to let me know he is ready to get in his crib and go to sleep. He rarely cries for more than 10 seconds, before getting comfy and falling asleep. Tonight he didn’t cry at all!

I wonder how much of it is his just reaching a milestone, and how much is our regular night time routine and set bed time. (We usually start nursing at 7:25, and he is generally asleep in his crib by 7:45.) Doesn’t really matter, as long as he keeps it up! He has gone from being completely dependent on me to fall asleep, to not being able to fall asleep with me holding him at all. (Last night he even woke up crying around 3 am, and had settled himself back to sleep before Benjamin even made it in to check on him.)

Most nights he sleeps straight through until at least 6 am, before waking up to nurse, and then sleeps until 7:45 (on the dot.) Is this the same little boy?

Not only is he doing really well with night time sleep, his naps have really improved as well. Up until last week, I had to hold Jonathan and rock and/or nurse for all naps. (3-4 hours a day!) Friday he took two long naps by himself, only fussing for about 10 minutes before falling asleep. We were so excited! But then his naps over the weekend were terrible, and we worried that it was a fluke. But then again yesterday and today his naps went really well- two 1 hr 15 min naps with NO crying! (Maybe our routine is just different enough on the weekends to account for the difference?)

I’m much happier and less stressed when he naps and sleeps better at night. I work on stuff around the house during his morning nap, and lay down during the afternoon nap for a siesta of my own. At night Benjamin and I are able to enjoy a little time together without me turning into a pumpkin (although I do try to get to bed before 10 pm.)

But I can’t help feeling a little sadness as every day he grows up and changes a little more. He is getting closer to weaning (his choice, not mine!) and I am not ready for that part of our baby’s life to be over. Before, I sometimes felt chained to the recliner by nursing and naps, now I am cherishing every moment of this fleeting time where he eagerly suckles 6 times a day at my breast. Someday he is going to be all grown up and leave our nest (we saw Toy Story 3 last week and I sobbed for the last 5 minutes), and while that is at least 18 years away, I am so aware of how quickly the last 8 months have flown by!

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  1. aunt amanda said:

    aw i love your updates. It makes me so sad to be so far away and not being there for every milestone, but soooo excited for his new sleep schedule!!!!!!!!!! I am soo grateful BOTH of you are able to be more rested!!! Thanks for the updates, i love reading your blog.

  2. I am so glad jonathan has finally found sleep but I hope you are singing him before he goes to sleep to really relax him, I know it would help me. Love you guys and miss you.

  3. I understand just how different life can be when the baby sleeps. I’m so happy for you!

  4. Amanda- I’m glad you enjoy reading my blog, and that it helps you stay connected. I’m sure it will be really important when you go overseas.

    Aunt Lois- I actually wrote 2 lullabies for Jonathan after he was born. I usually sing them before naps, which definitely seems to soothe him!

    Lacey- it is amazing to feel like a real person, not just a stressed-out, exhausted Mama! How is Wyatt’s sleep going?