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Poor Sweet Baby

My poor sweet baby has had a fever since Saturday. (He was extra fussy and clingy Friday, but I figured it was just teething stuff- which has been going on FOREVER! And still no teeth!)

He was around 102.8, which comes down to around 100.4 with Tylenol, and that was pretty consistent through the weekend. He has also been pretty listless, very cuddly and clingy, tired, and been wanting to nurse pretty frequently, but not wanting to eat solids. We weren’t too worried, but the doctor’s office said we should bring him in because he’s still so young and it was a pretty high fever.

We took him to see Dr. Casler yesterday, and she said that it was a virus and would have to run its course. She said that the fever should go away after 3 days (so by today), but if it lasted until 5 days to go back in. She wasn’t too worried either, because he was his usual social self when she came in (albeit with droopy eyes!)

I was pretty encouraged last night at bedtime, because his temperature was normal. (I still gave him tylenol, since he’s still teething.) It was still fine at 11 when he wanted to nurse. But at 4 am, it was pretty obvious the fever had returned. 102.2.

And a little while after he woke up this morning, it was above 104. Poor little man seems to be getting worse. Please pray for quick healing and relief for him, and wisdom as his parents as to how to best take care of him.

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  1. Becky Leppard said:

    Love seeing both your faces!!!