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Update to Poor Sweet Baby

Jonathan’s fever broke Tuesday afternoon, a little past the 72 hour mark. He has had a low-grade fever off and on since then (pretty sure that’s teething related, though, since it’s around 100.) We noticed a faint rash on his chest and back Thursday, confirming the diagnosis of roseola given by every Mom with older children. (I’d never heard of it, but apparently it’s pretty common!)

He’s definitely not 100% yet, but doing much better. His little teeth are really giving him fits- I can see all 4 bottom teeth under the gum. He won’t let me get a look at the top- but based on how hard he was sucking on his cold washcloth last night, I bet they’re right there, too. I think my Mom is right, he’s going to get a mouthful all at once!

He has been on a bit of a nursing strike, and has been pretty disinterested in solids lately, too, but I’m sure that will pass soon. He’s also been really tired (skipping his afternoon nap has something to do with it, no doubt.) Last night he cried when I tried to nurse him, so I put him in his crib. He went right to sleep, and didn’t wake up to nurse until almost 5 a.m. It’s hard to believe how hard it used to be to get him to sleep at night!

My oldest niece, Haley, spent yesterday and last night here, so Jonathan had someone to play with, which he loved. Haley really enjoyed playing with my Cuttlebug, and cut out some dragonflies and butterflies for a special project for Jonathan’s room. She really liked the embossing feature, and made some fun Christmas gifts for family. Can’t share any more, because it’s a surprise!

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