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Life Really, Really Changed When You Become A Mommy

I don’t know how many times I heard some variation on this statement before Jonathan was born: “Your life will never be the same again.” And I expected that my life would indeed change in so many ways. And boy, has that boy changed my life!

Here are a couple of changes I didn’t really expect!

1. My kitchen floor now gets swept at least 3 times a day (and Jonathan still picks up random things off the floor and eats them.)
2. My kitchen floor doesn’t get cleaned until I start sticking to it! (today, for instance.) I do wipe up under the high chair regularly, but sometimes that’s just not enough. (In my defense, cleaning my floors involves getting on my hands and knees with 2 different microfiber cloths.)
3. 9:30 pm is now staying up late.
4. Anything past 5:15 am is sleeping in.
5. The majority of my prayers seem to cluster around nap time (aka stand in the crib and scream for 45 minutes time). “Please, Lord, let him sleep!”
6. It’s a good week if my hair gets washed more than twice. (Thank goodness I don’t have an oily scalp.)
7. All clothing purchases have to pass the nursing accessibility test.
8. If it requires me to pump, I generally say no. (Especially since my electric pump isn’t working and I have to use a hand pump.)
9. I don’t watch foreign films anymore- it’s too much effort to read subtitles. (OK- I don’t really watch many movies anymore at all, I’d rather sleep!)
10. I have to get my MIL to babysit so I can clean my bathroom.

But it’s all worth it! Being a Mommy does change your life, and sure, sometimes I look back on the good old days and miss the freedom and time I had. But I wouldn’t give up being Jonathan’s Mommy for anything!

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  1. Becky Leppard said:

    LOL!! this is really good. A little sad, funny and glad all at the same time!! I love having Jonathan in our lives!!