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Another Trip to the Hospital

Yesterday afternoon I started having some severe back and abdominal pain on my left side, and I tried to ignore it for a while. Finished at the grocery store, let Jonathan play outside with the neighbor’s kids, and started to make dinner. But by the time Benjamin got home I was doubled over in pain (still making dinner though!), and when I curled up on the couch in the fetal position and started crying he decided that we better go to the hospital. He called his parents to come get Jonathan, and off we went into the traffic-filled evening.

We decided to go to Florida Hospital-Orlando, since we would have to drive past it to get to Altamonte. It is a very big and very confusing hospital. (And we’ve decided that in future we will just go to Altamonte, because we like it so much more, and are familiar with it.) As they do with all pregnant women, they sent me straight up to Labor & Delivery, where they once again hooked me and baby up to the monitors. By the this time, the pain was completely gone, but we still wanted to make sure everything was fine. They monitored us for almost 2 1/2 hours, because the nurse said she was waiting for the baby to calm down before she did an exam. (Baby girl was doing her nightly acrobatic routine, so she was jumping all over the place.) It was very boring, very cold, we were both starving since we didn’t get to eat dinner, and the table thing they had me on was very uncomfortable.

My best guess was that I passed a kidney stone, which was the doctor’s best guess as well. So they sent me home with orders to return if the pain did. We finally got home around 10:30, which is way after my bed time, and we were both exhausted.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Nana and Bapa had put Jonathan to sleep back at their house. So Jonathan had his first sleepover at the grandparents house, and it went really well. It was the first night in 20 months (today) that I wasn’t listening for the monitor, so I slept really well, and didn’t wake up until 7:30! And it was the first morning in 20 months that Jonathan didn’t wake me up painfully early. (Of course, it’s really cute when he wakes up now, because he doesn’t cry, just starts saying “Mama” and “Dida” and making truck noises.) And it was only his second night going to bed without nursing, which I guess confirms that he doesn’t really need it anymore. I sure was missing him when he finally got home this morning- we’ve been apart for much of the last two days, which has apparently been harder on me than him.

Poor Benjamin, I’ve given him such frights the last two days.He does not like driving to the hospital while I am in pain next to him. Hopefully things will calm down now. He’s been trying to figure out how the contractions of Tuesday morning and the unexplained pain of yesterday evening relate, and has decided that I was having the contractions because of the stone, so he feels better because he has some sort of logical explanation. Looking forward to an uneventful day!

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