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Bed Rest

We’ve been expecting it since last Tuesday, but at my appointment today, my midwife put me on bed rest. Benjamin and I actually brought it up first, because I have been having so many contractions so frequently. (Yesterday I had them much of the day, even though I was laying down.) So, we certainly feel that it is necessary at this point. The ultimate goal is me delivering a healthy and hopefully full term baby girl around February 10th, but it is certainly going to make life a lot more difficult for the next few months.

I think that two things are going to be particularly difficult for me. First, is that I am not good at sitting back and letting other people work (especially on my house) while I sit back and do nothing. I guess God is really going to use this to help me let go of some of my stubborn self-reliance and independence, but it’s so hard. It’s hard to know that if I don’t just stop everything, that this can have lifelong negative effects for our precious girl and family.

Second, I am not allowed to pick up Jonathan AT ALL, because it puts more strain on my uterus. And that is going to be so hard, for both of us. I am afraid that my not being able to pick him up is going to have a profound affect on Jonathan and our bond, especially because he is turning into such a good cuddler. Every time he falls or asks to be picked up and I can’t it is going to break my heart. It makes me cry just thinking about it. I have already had to wean him completely (he was down to two nurses a day just a week ago) in the last week because it makes the contractions worse, so already our relationship has changed, and he is one step closer to growing up, to no longer being my baby.

Benjamin has been so wonderful, already taking as much as possible off my hands to lighten my load, and thinking of ways to make this work. But it is also going to take quite a toll on him, and affect his work, adding more stress to an already overloaded plate.

We are going to need a lot of prayer and a lot of help to make it through this time. We really need our friends and family to come around us, to help around the house, with taking care of Jonathan, with meals, with just living daily life.

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  1. Jeannie Cummings said:


    I can so understand what you are going through regarding having it hard to let others help….especially your home. I was on bedrest with Tim from 16 wks to 35 wks, when he was born..healthy as a horse! I had had premies so was willing to do whatever it took to not have another one. But emotionally it was still hard to let others help at times. My encouragement to you is to grab hold of the perspective that the Lord is asking you to “invest” in your daughter’s life in a way that only you can do. Also, as other’s help it truly is a blessing to be a part of someone else’s life… don’t steal that blessing from them. And lastly, what helped me was to remember that there would come a time when I could give to others. I also watched that as the Body of Christ came around us and helped it spoke volumes to my family who could not help from such long ways’ away.

    So, bottom line…don’t steal our joy of being a blessing to your family!! May your home be a light of God’s joy and love as others come alongside you in this season of your lives. And we so look forward to meeting this precious little daughter of yours!!!


  2. Thanks Jeannie for your encouraging words and prayers. We know we are doing the right thing for our little girl, because I start to have contractions every time I stand up. And it is totally worth it to have a healthy, full term baby.
    I hope that as we get all of our resources marshaled that it will be easier on all of us, and that God will give me the strength to just rest and rely on others. I really appreciated what you said about looking forward to a time when I can serve others this way. God is certainly going to use this time to grow me, and Benjamin.