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Here We Go Again! Allergy Elimination Diet, Take 2

I started another allergy elimination diet on Monday! I was hoping that by continuing to avoid the foods that bothered Jonathan that poor Aurora wouldn’t have similar problems. But alas, she has grown increasingly fussy and irritable the past several weeks, crying out often in pain. And while she isn’t colicky in the traditional sense, her fussy periods in the evening have gotten harder and longer.

And then there are the diapers. She went from having nice, normal breastfed baby BMs to really gross, dark green, mucousy, yeasty/sour smelling ones in the past week. We’re hoping that by starting to change my diet now that we can reverse the symptoms before they get as bad as Jonathan’s did. Here’s hoping and praying! It breaks my heart to see her in so much pain, and I’m do glad that we know now what we didn’t know then, and that we should be able to help her.

So right now and for the next 2 weeks, I am eating beef and beef bone broths (lots of good fat, calcium, choline, and other important stuff in there!), sweet potatoes, zucchini, pears, carrots, lard from cute little pasture fed Amish pigs for fat, a bit of raw local honey, and salt/pepper. So it’s kind of a modified GAPS/Paleo allergy elimination diet. (It doesn’t look so bad all typed out and annotated.)

Of course, in the middle of that 2 weeks is my 33rd birthday. How do you make a cake out of that!? Although, a healthy and happy baby girl will be a wonderful birthday gift!

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  1. auntie manda said:

    so sad to hear she is having a hard time:( I was so excited for you all when she did so great the first few weeks! Pr that you quickly discover whats bothering her!