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Jonathan has been somewhat obsessed with butterflies lately, due mostly to his Nana’s careful nurturing of the obsession. She grows butterfly weed in her back yard with the sole intent of attracting as many monarch butterflies as possible. Last spring, whenever she found a caterpillar, she would put it on Jonathan’s hand. (Thus his sign for caterpillar, which is to point to the back of his hand.) He remembered it a year later! Every time he is over at Nana Leppard’s house, he looks for caterpillars and cocoons, and eagerly waits for them to be born.

A few weeks ago we brought one of the caterpillars home, along with some nummy food, and Jonathan eagerly checked on its progress several times a day!

It is so cute to hear him say “butterfly” and “cocoon,” and we have been reading lots of great caterpillar and butterfly books, as we waited for our caterpillar to be reborn as a butterfly.

Here is our caterpillar, munching away, almost ready to make his cocoon.

And in a matter of minutes, this is what it looked like!

About a week later, we’re getting closer- but still a few days to go!

This is what it looked like before we headed off to church Sunday morning! We knew the butterfly was going to be born that day, and we were really hoping we would be home in time to see him born.

And we got home just after he had emerged and was drying his wings!

Jonathan and I held it together.

Then we took the beautiful monarch butterfly outside for him to be free! We placed him in our new butterfly garden, which I just finished planting the day before (with some help from a certain 2 year old boy, of course!)

Jonathan was very sad to see the butterfly go, but the very next day, I found another caterpillar on the butterfly weed in the house! He’s crunch-munching away, and we get to see the whole thing over again!

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  1. Love, love this post. So fun to see the progression and you made a wonderful story Heather! Watching the transformation just renews my awe and wonder of our big amazing God.

  2. It is pretty amazing! I love that my little boy is so excited by every step of the process- I hope that I’ll be able to use that excitement and awe to point him to the God who created that wonder.