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Update on Aurora’s Testing

Two weeks ago Aurora had several tests performed to try and determine what is causing her to show signs of Precocious Puberty. She had a Bone Age X-ray, a pelvic ultrasound to look at her ovaries, kidney and adrenals, and a bunch of blood work (looking at hormones and thyroid and a few other things.) The doctor called us back on Monday with the results of those tests. All of the blood work came back within normal range, but her ovaries are slightly enlarged and her Bone Age is a bit older than her actual age. The doctor said that the good thing is that all of the “really evil” stuff has been ruled out at this point.

We could choose to do an additional pair of tests called the ACTH-LHRH. It measures activity in the pituitary gland and would show us if it is the brain driving all of these premature changes. The doctor, and we, don’t feel that it is necessary to put her through that at this point. (It involves drawing blood, and then doing an injection and drawing blood several times over a 2 hour time period.) He is advising that we see him again in 2-3 months unless anything changes, at which point he would fit us in right away.

So we don’t have any real answers at this point, but some of our fears and worries have been relieved a bit. Thank you to everyone who has been praying for us!

Funny thing is, I had the same ultrasounds done today. I have been having a lot of really sever lower back pain for the past several weeks, and so my doctor sent me to get an ultrasound suspecting either kidney stones or an ovarian cyst. Turns out I have both. I have a 4 mm stone in my right kidney, and an ovarian cyst on the right. (I also have a hemangioma on my liver, but that apparently isn’t cause for concern.) So I get to drink a lot of water to try to pass it on my own, and if I don’t pass it in the next few days I am supposed to go see a urologist. She is also having me get a CAT scan of the abdomen to get a closer look, and a follow up ultrasound in 2 months to check on the cyst. Hopefully this will all resolve on its own, without too much pain, really soon!

Benjamin and Jonathan are very healthy!

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