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Locally-Made Farm Day

Last Friday the kids, Nena (Benjamin’s Mom) and I, as well as a few friends from our church, had the opportunity to attend a Locally-Made Farm Day. We visited Diana’s farm in Chuluota, FL, which is a lovely small hobby farm, with an amazing house, pool, and grounds. Diana is the Weston A. Price Foundation’s Orlando Chapter Leader, and she runs the Amish food co-op that we occasionally buy from.

Here are some of the highlights of our day.

Aurora really loved seeing all of the animals.

Jonathan was looking into the cow pasture.

We were able to see Diana milk one of her goats. She also keeps chicken, cows, and a horse.

Jonathan and Nena.

Mommy and Aurora.

Aurora had a lot of fun playing in this cute little potting shed.

Jonathan’s best friend, Jonah, came with his mom. He was thrilled to see all of the animals. His mom says he watches his farm DVD every day!

All the kids wanted to play in the beautiful pool. A few minutes after this Aurora tried to drown herself, but she sure had fun doing it!

Another friend, Delia, came with her brother Avynn and their mom. Delia was in seventh heaven with a cuddly kitty. She always tries to cuddle with our cat, Flopper, but he disappears.

Like I said, the house and grounds were absolutely gorgeous. They could easily be found in Beautiful Home magazine. I could live in her kitchen and be perfectly content! The whole property was filled with sweet little touches that made it a beautiful, authentic and welcoming home and farm.

It was such a lot of fun to go enjoy the beautiful day with my children and some of our friends. And it was really neat to see a small working farm, and to meet some like-minded people. There was a woman there who makes fresh goat cheese for her family and her daughter had made herbal tea to sell. (I had a little taste and it was so sweet and delicious. If only I could actually tolerate goat’s milk.) Another woman gave a demonstration on making fermented sauerkraut and kimchee, and a master gardener shared some tips. It was a little difficult to enjoy the demonstrations, because I was constantly chasing my little troublemakers, but it was a great time.

On a side not, I can’t believe it has been almost 4 months since my last post! But I hope to spend a bit more time here in the near future- such a lot to share! The kids are growing and changing so quickly, also surprising us and keeping us on our toes. We just finished a bathroom renovation that I’m dying to show off. Benjamin is leaving his job of more than 12 years at the end of the month to start his own Software Consulting business. And we are still jumping through hoops trying to figure out the kids’ food allergies/GI symptoms, and of course, Aurora’s Central Precocious Puberty.

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