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Update on Our Health & Halloween Cuteness

Somehow, months seem to keep going by without me having time to blog here. (Although I am trying to keep a pretty consistent schedule on my recipe blog, Created To Be Paleo.) But I have a few moments, while Daddy is taking a much needed break and watching Top Gear with Jonathan while Aurora naps.

Speaking of Aurora, my sweet baby girl is 21 months old. Almost 2! She is a delight, but still a very difficult, resource-intensive child. We got wonderful news from her endocrinologist in regards to her Central Precocious Puberty. Her bone age was pretty much normal for her age, and her breasts have decreased in mass and size. She is, of course,  very tall for her age- she has shot off the growth chart, but we’ll take it! So basically it seems like her CPP is in remission. We are so thankful, because we went into this appointment prepared to make the decision to start treatment with Supprelin. (A surgical implant that she would have to have every year until actual puberty starts that would artificially slow down her growth.) So for now, we don’t have to see her endo for at least a year, unless we see any change. We will continue to get her bone age x-rays done periodically just to keep track of that. But we are so, so thrilled!

Aurora making a craftSuch a cutie!

Unfortunately, we haven’t had as much luck figuring out all of her food allergy/ GI issues. She still reacts with hives and rashes to a lot of foods, lots of diarrhea alternating with constipation, and undigested food in her stool, frequent diaper rashes, and she is very, very irritable and seems to often be in pain.  She is still reacting to a lot of foods, and wakes up almost every morning saying “ouchie” before she says “mama.” It is so sad to see her so obviously in pain so much of the time. There are multiple times in a week where she just screams in pain for 20 minutes to 2 hour stretches, and can’t be comforted. And we have started weaning (more about that below), so I don’t have the easy out of nursing her for comfort any more. We are still working and praying and hoping.

Jonathan loves a good mud puddle!

We took both kids to see a naturopath MD a few months ago and did a bunch of tests on them, and now we are working with our nutritionist, Andrea, to try and find some healing. Jonathan’s tests showed some interesting results- a lot of nutritional deficiencies, despite having a very varied, whole-foods based diet. (Not surprising, since we can see food eaten 2 hours previously show up in both kids’ stools.) And for some reason, his brain chemistry is out of whack. The Dr said it was like he is driving down the highway with the accelerator and brakes mashed to the floorboard at the same time. So we are trying to meet some of those deficiencies and hopefully discover the underlying cause(s), and heal his gut and immune system. In the mean time, he is a very active little boy who loves trains, cars and trucks, and reading.

Reading the Sunday paper.

I also saw the naturopath because I have been struggling for a while with fatigue, my own food allergies, arthritis, and some other autoimmune issues. Among other things, my testing showed that I have pretty significant Adrenal Fatigue and Chronic Lyme Disease. (Which means at some point in the past I had Lyme Disease, and now I have the autoimmune after-effects of it.) Not sure what we are going to do about treatment for me, but it became obvious that it is time to wean Aurora so that I can start taking care of my health and well-being. I have also gained 30 pounds in the last 4-5 months, despite no change in my diet and staying pretty active, so that points to my cortisol regulation being out of balance for sure. There are a lot of things that I could be doing to support myself, but because I am still nursing and avoiding all of Aurora’s allergens in addition to my own, and because Aurora is so reactive, it seemed like God made it pretty clear that now is the time to wean. Of course, it is going very, very slowly, because neither of us are really ready to wean yet. Tonight will be the first time I don’t nurse her before bed time. We’ll see how that goes!

Benjamin is doing fairly well overall, although he has been experiencing a lot of dizziness. He had a CT scan this week, so we’ll see if it is anything to worry about, or if it is just a sinus infection like our family doctor suspects. Mostly, he is very, very stressed. He quit his job in June to start his own software consulting firm, which is going really well, but he is in a place where he really has more work than he can handle. But it is just a brief season (I hope!) and I am very proud of him. It is really exciting to see that the work he is doing developing mobile evangelism apps is already having lasting effect for God’s kingdom.

Now on to some cuteness!

The weekend before Halloween, we went over to my parents’ house to celebrate my brother, Eric’s, birthday and say farewell to him. (He got a new job in PA, so the whole family is moving.) While we were there, the kids painted some pumpkins with my nieces.

Jonathan took it pretty seriously.

Jonathan took it pretty seriously.

Painting pumpkins

All the kids had fun.

Or not.

Jonathan's favorite part!

Aurora had a lot of fun with the paints too.

Aurora had a lot of fun with the paints too.

Adding her own special touch to her cousin Allyson's pumpkin.

Adding her own special touch to her cousin Allyson's pumpkin.

Love her chubby little hand.

Love her chubby little hand.

A rare picture of my brother, Eric.

A rare picture of my brother, Eric.

For Halloween, Jonathan wanted to be a fishy, and he had to be his favorite color, green. I was really pleased with how it turned out, since I totally winged it! Aurora wore a clown costume that my mom made for one of my niece’s years ago. I never got time to make the costume I wanted for her, Vintage Strawberry Shortcake. Guess I’ll save it for next year!


Hugs before heading out.

Jonathan, the fish.

Jonathan, the green and orange fish.

Our sweet little clown.

Our sweet little clown. Her favorite part was putting things in her little basket.

I was really pleased with how his costume turned out.

I was really pleased with how his costume turned out.

The family (1)

The whole family (1)

The family (2)

The whole family (2). Have you ever noticed how hard it is to get a really good family picture with little kids? Never once does everyone look the same direction and look moderately happy.

Auntie Ruth & Grandpa

Auntie Ruth & Grandpa came Trick or Treating with us.

Love you all!




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